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Bargain Website or Costly Mistake?

Website development is an investment in your business—a service best implemented by professionals.

The Hidden Costs of "Cheap" Website Development

You have a business, you have a limited budget, and you know in today's market you need a website. You have a few cheap options. Your son's in school and he just built a hobby website. Or, you have a friend who has a full-time job but builds websites in his spare time. Or, you'll do it yourself. You've seen $29.95 templates online, or some sites have build-it-yourself website tools, so you should be able to throw your website together pretty quickly. Stop right there! Put the brakes on and let's see whether these are real deals or costly mistakes.

Amateur Web Developer Free to Good Home

Your son builds your website with your input. No problem. Or is there? If your son isn't up-to-date on current coding standards, your website may not be accessible to everyone. Maybe your site isn't available at all because he put it on a slow unreliable server that crashes frequently. And you can't tell how much traffic you get because he didn't install log tracking. However, that doesn't matter since your content wasn't optimized for either visitors or search engines, no one can find your site, or navigate it if they do find it.

Part-time, Spare Time, No Time for You

Now that you've disowned your son, you decide to turn to your friend who builds websites part-time. This should be quick and easy. But will it be? Although it's been several weeks, you finally have a design you like, more or less. You never realized your friend was so sensitive to criticism (just because you didn't like his first five or six designs). Months later, your website is live and you're eager to get a timely notice posted on a special. Unfortunately, your friend has decided he doesn't have time to maintain your website—he's too busy at his real job.

Do-It-Yourself Pitfall

They say if you want something done right, do it yourself. And aren't all truisms true? So you go the purchase-a-template route. It doesn't quite fit what you had in mind, plus there are all those extra navigation pieces on your website that say "link goes here" and pages that say "content goes here." Forget this and use a web-building tool. How polished do those results look? But you are going to fix those graphics so the page doesn't sit there blank for 60 seconds. Next you're going to learn all about search engine optimization so you can improve your rankings. And why is your business failing? You ARE spending all your time learning how to build a great website.

What's Your Website Worth? Your Business!

Your website is an extension of you, your company image, your brand, your message. It is your public face to your customers, and their 24/7 access to you, 365 days of the year. First impressions count! In today's fiercely competitive Internet market, there are no second chances. Your website is worth the same professional consideration you've devoted to the rest of your business. Make sure your website is an asset, not a liability.

Professional Website Developers - Worth Their Weight in Gold

It takes you to understand the value of your website and it takes a professional website development team to deliver that value. Today's Internet is complex and competitive. Website professionals must stay current in a rapidly changing landscape of search engine, browser, and platform wars, shifting guidelines, and fluctuating marketing strategies. Your professional website development team should comprise a depth and breadth of knowledge, difficult to achieve in a single individual, which includes:

  • Coding standards for full accessibility
  • Current technologies for full functionality
  • Sound design principles for eye-catching appeal
  • Search engine optimization for improved rankings and "findability"
  • Site usability for customer ease-of-use
  • Copywriting for web audience readability
  • Marketing for image integration and higher conversions
  • Traffic analysis for measuring results
Your professional website development team will help integrate your website into your overall marketing strategy, supporting your business goals and objectives. They will achieve a design to enhance and extend your image and branding. Professional developers will ensure your website is fully functional, fully available, and easy-to-use. They will incorporate search engine optimization techniques in the site's development to obtain high organic rankings. Your professional team will create content that will attract and direct your visitors to action. And they will provide in-depth traffic analysis to measure and continually improve results. Your professionally developed website will be a valuable asset to your business.

Amateur or Professional? You choose: Liability or Asset. Failure or Success.

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