Start Promoting Your Website for Increased Traffic

Tips for promoting your website to get more traffic!

You contracted a professional web developer. You identified and researched the right keywords and had them incorporated in the content and the overall site development. Your site is search engine optimized and has been submitted to the major search engines. Your website is launched and you're ready for the traffic to pour in over the information highway and generate business. Is your work done? Not by a long shot. Your business promotion and website promotion go hand-in-hand, and promotion is an ongoing requirement for growing your business and your website traffic.

Offline Website Promotion Opportunities

Look for every opportunity to promote your website offline. Word-of-mouth and associated advertising options should always include your website address.

Email signature: Always include your URL in your email signature file and use it EVERY time you send an email.

Marketing materials: Ensure your URL is on ALL business marketing materials, including business cards, letterhead, and any promotional items.

Vehicles: If you have company vehicles, be sure your URL is on them. Put the URL on your personal vehicle's license plate frame or on a bumper sticker.

Mail announcement: Just as you did for your business announcement, send mail to your friends, family, and associates announcing your website.

Newspapers: Write an article for a newspaper and include your URL in the content. Or if you're interviewed, make sure you mention your web address in your response.

Voice mail message: Include your URL in your voice mail greeting.

Complementary advertising: Include your URL in any advertising, print ads, billboards, drop-cards, etc.

Website Offers and Promotions

Special offers: Post specials on your website and cross-promote by encouraging your customers to look for these.

Discount coupons: Provide coupons on your site exclusively for your website customers.

Email list: Have an opt-in mailing list for your customers. Keep them notified of sales, specials, updates, news, etc.

Free: Offer something free for signing up online: an ebook, promotional item, or even better, a newsletter.

Useful Content Updated Frequently Feeds Spiders and Customers

The more content you have on your website, the more likely customers will find you. The more content you have, the more "food" you have for search engine spiders. Useful content updated frequently will enhance your site's search engine attractiveness, and therefore, bring more traffic.

Content options: pros and cons

Blogs: Blogs are popular with search engines if done correctly. However, too many blogs are poorly written with little added value for customers. Blogs must be updated regularly for your web audience. If you can provide well-written, useful information for your customers on a regular basis, a blog may be a worthwhile content addition.

Press Releases: There are definite guidelines to writing and submitting a press release. Your press release must be newsworthy (not just announcing your website). Appropriate press releases can create interest and draw traffic to your site.

Licensed content (reprints): There are many sources available from which you can gather relevant content for your website. Some of this content is free and some of it requires payment. While not as valuable as original content, adding licensed content will increase the depth and breadth of your website. Licensed content will include a link to the author's website, so be aware that this may redirect traffic.

Original content: Creating original, relevant, and useful content for your website on a regular basis is the best way to build web traffic. Original updated content attracts search engines and gives your customers more reason to return to your website. Content is king.

Ezine articles: Post your original content on your website, and also you may choose to post it on ezines with reprint rights. Always include your URL to direct traffic back to your website.

Content Caveat

Be sure the content you're providing is useful to your target audience. Pages of content exclusively for search engines won't benefit your potential customers and could chase them away. As you add content to your website remember to keep it organized logically and simple to navigate.

Be creative with both off-site promotion opportunities, as well as online ones, and watch your website traffic grow!

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