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What Can a Website Do for Your Business?

In today's competitive market, you are either online or left behind. Unclear about the benefits? Read on and see why a professionally developed website demands a place in your marketing plan.

Improve Time Management

Don't waste time on the phone giving out routine information—put it online. Your address, directions, business hours (holiday changes), and other standard information should be on your website. And remember, with each phone call and interaction, promote your website as a resource. If you keep information up-to-date (mandatory!), you can give people additional reason to go to your website by posting specials or highlighting products and services you'd like to promote.

Reduce Printing Costs

Printing is costly. Although your website won't eliminate all your printing costs, it can greatly reduce them. Put catalogs, product specs, and marketing information online so that customers can easily access the information and you can quickly update the content. A typo or error in a print document will live forever unless you scrap and reprint. Online, that error can be fixed instantly and inexpensively.

Expand Market Reach

Your website enables you to get your message into new geographic areas. Even if you can network as much as you like, you can only spread yourself so thin. And advertising costs increase with each market and medium. Your website is instantly available, not only nationally, but internationally, with no additional cost (unless you require translated pages). With little or no cost, you can submit your website to industry-specific directories or local search engines and further expand your market.

Grow Your Business

Develop lead-generation opportunities through your website. Your website can be a useful tool in your pursuit of new business. Create a mailing list so you can connect with customers and potential customers. Give people a reason to sign up (newsletter, product announcements, sales announcements). You can add new customers and deepen the relationships you have with existing customers through ongoing communication.

Extend Business Hours without Associated Costs

Your website is open 24/7, 365 days a year for your customers. It can answer questions, take orders, and solicit customer feedback. Extending hours at a brick-and-mortar store adds to overhead costs, even if it's just in utilities. If you're an entrepreneur, you're already working too many hours. Your website works for you—at no additional charge—even while you're sleeping!

Maximize Advertising Dollars

Your website will not, and should not, be your only advertising medium. But it can be a low-cost extension, cross-pollinating and supplementing your other advertising methods. Use your website to deliver targeted content to your customers. The use of auto-responders is nearly cost-free, and very effective. Writing articles targeted to your business, and allowing them to be shared, can also extend your advertising reach.

Meet Customer Expectations

Customers today expect businesses to have a website. Even customers who do business with you regularly will look to your website for updates and information. A business without a website is presumed to be out-of-touch and unsuccessful. Having a website in today's market is as necessary as having a phone.

A properly developed website is an asset that no business today can afford to be without. The many free and low-cost web benefits available ensure a solid return on the investment.

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